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As the buying process continues to grow longer in the B2B market, it is more important than ever to build relationships with your leads.

Several research studies indicate that email marketing continues to be the most effective tactic for lead nurturing.  The research also consistently shows that personalized emails tend to produce significantly better results than generic email blasts.

That means your lead nurturing email campaigns should be personal and tailored to the interests and behavior of your leads and prospects. Personalized emails are extremely helpful towards the end of a leads sales cycle.

One of the most crucial steps in closing the sales cycle is educating your prospects and giving them the information they need in their current state of the buying process.

Call me today and let’s set up a lead nurturing email schedule that keeps your company in the mind of your prospect  and gives them enough time to digest the information. 

"Personalisation – it is not
about first/last name. It’s about
relevant content."

Dan Jak

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